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And I thought Mormonism was a wacko religion before I read this!

I have never confronted such unadulterated idiocy in my life.  It would be
funny but for the number of young minds it has messed up.  Even my mother
concocted (no pun intended) better stuff than this.

Armed with this information, I can hardly wait to confront the next pair of
missionaries who show up at my door.

I am the descendant of Mormons--of a plural marriage, in fact.  If frequent
masturbation keeps the reproductive system racing to replenish itself, one
shudders at the demands Brigham Young must have made on his apparatus
producing those 57 children.

It has been said that Steve Young is virtually the only Mormon male of his
age yet to marry.  I'd like to know how many quarters he's popped into his
piggy bank.

Footnote: This past September I fulfilled a lifelong ambition and heard the
organ in the Tabernacle in person.  It is vastly overrated, and the fabled
acoustics in the building are, to my ear, not that hot.  I walked down the
street and heard the organ in the Catholic Cathedral of The Madeleine, and
it's WAY better.

I am surprised you haven't included a loophole somewhere for masturbators
who just can't kick the habit--the same kind you provided for blacks to
rise in the heavenly ranks, and for Pepsi drinkers.

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Date: Thursday, April 02, 1998 8:35 PM
Subject: purple headed yogurt throwers

  To restrain myself from commiting this vile impure act I glue 20 grit sandpaper to my palm at night. I also found that puting chile on my hand when  go to bed helps, it also stops you from chewing your nails. I also found that getting some also helps. my most effective method is to squeze a hemeroid when i get the impure urge to masterbate.

I have prayed and asked for the gifts of the Spirit in order quell the
temptation of writing a scathing email as a comment upon your web
page. I'm consciously making the effort not to sound insulting and
derogatory, so that you do not take me for an over-sexed crackpot who
does not have an open mind.

I, sirs and madams, am a Christian believer, a student of theology in
fact, and one semester away from receiving my B.D. True, I am not a
Mormon and have never read the Book of Mormon, so I have no knowledge
of its scriptures and cannot cite passages that may prove you wrong in
your rigidly narrow stance against masturbation.

But. I cannot believe that such a page as yours exists, given the fact
that we are upon the cusp of the twentieth century, and that our
societies are plagued with FAR graver problems than curious people
secretly handling their own private parts in the privacy of their own
homes. Yes, God sees all, but I highly doubt that He takes offense
when we take pleasure from our own bodies, which, I do not need to
remind you, He created. Did you know that humans (ok, and dolphins)
are the only two species of animals on God's green earth that actually
have sex for pleasure's sake and not merely for reproduction? I ask
you this: why did God create humans with the creativity and need for
sexual pleasure if He did not intend us to indulge in the wondrous,
sensual pleasure of our miraculous bodies?

I find the continuous association of masturbation with guilt and sin
terribly, terribly wrong. Your advice in overcoming this "sinful
habit" borders on the surreal (and I am strongly tempted to use the
word ridiculous, but again, I have prayed for strength). You ask that
people trying to kick the habit get up and make themselves a snack in
the middle of the night when the urge comes upon them, even if they
are not hungry. Do you know what that is? You are asking someone to
substitute food for sex, and instead of happy healthy sexually
fulfilled people we will have a population of unhappy, repressed
fanatics. Furthermore, the idea of associating worm eating with
masturbation is again insane. If people actually take your advice to
heart (and i am praying that no one does), especially young
impressionable people, then you, dear authors, are guilty of creating
a slew of young people who are going to have sexual problems for the
rest of their natural lives. Do you honestly think that someone who
has so many negative associations with the idea of masturbation (which
is directly linked with sex) will actually be able to open up and let
go of those ideas when in a loving relationship with a spouse? I
predict fights, tears, heartaches, and divorce. There goes the
reproductive factor. Someone who is not a normal sexual being will not
have much luck with creating progeny, or keeping a safe home together
long enough in order to raise them in a stable environment.
I can't be bothered to go over every single point you made and point
out the obvious flaws in each one. Let me just tell you that the
feelings of guilt and emotional stress created by masturbation are
there only because of people like you who try to create that
association in people's minds, creating repressed, terrified, UNHAPPY
individuals. Masturbation is a wonderful stress reliever, and any
doctor can tell you that.

For the record, I am a female, I masturbate happily about twice a day
(ok, so maybe i am over-sexed, but I am certainly not a crackpot). I
feel no guilt, and no shame. I celebrate my imperfect body. I look at
myself in the mirror after every long, hot, luxurious shower and glory
in the body given to me by the Lord, and in the pleasure I am able to
give and receive from it.  I believe in the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit, and feel that loving myself allows my body to be a more
fitting temple for the Spirit, for I receive the Spirit with joy and a
light heart. I don't believe my activities are self-centered because
they only benefit me. After all, eating could be called self-centered
for the same reason.

I have self-respect.
I am successful.


1. Masturbate.
2. Often.
3. Glory in your God-given bodies.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my email. I welcome comments.


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thanks this website, i have been struggling with masturbation and your page was really inspiring to me. please check your page however, because someone has added sex banners and porno links!!!!!

Thanks again,

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Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 6:52 PM

I personally masturbate, but I also have faith in God. I believe that masturbation harms no one. Have you read the pro-masturbation websites? I strongly suggest you do. I would not be at all surprised if over 90% of this site's creators masturbate. I believe that masturbation is a normal, healthy activity done throughout life. It is not something dirty or unclean. It is not something to be ashamed of at all. I am in the process of leaving the Roman Catholic Church for many reasons. Some of the reasons are sexual. Masturbation does not, never has and never will cause disease. Masturbation does not, never has, and never will cause pregnancy. Open up your minds. My e-mail address is sexy_13_84@yahoo.com if you wish to battle me. A very, very good masturbation site is www.jackinworld.com. Please go see it

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Date: Tuesday, March 10, 1998 3:49 AM
Subject: who are you? God?

To whom it may concern,
  I am a non mormon, and I happened to bump into this page of yours about
masurbation being "dirty" and "wrong" and a "satanic" act.   I have always been
respectful towards your religion and your beliefs, however, after reading this
I feel that your religion is forcing thoughts and beliefs on its members. And
to me that is very cult like.  I think you stepped over the line by telling
your members that they "must break off their friendship" with people who
masturbate.  And by telling them "never to associate with other people having
the same weakness."  If you were true people of god, you would accept people
for who they are with or with out weakness' and problems, addictions or no
addictions.  I do not understand the reason for your belief in not
masturbating.  You tell your Church members not to have sex until they are
married and not to masurbate.  What about masturbation from your partner,
before marriage?  Is that wrong?  Sexual freedom is healty for people, many
scientists and doctors would agree.  I am wondering where you get your
information that masturbation is bad and unhealthy and creates masturbation.
And I also would like to know if your information is coming form a mormon.
When I read the part where you told people to tie oneself to the bed, the
first thoughts that came to my mind were pronography, satanic, and
dehumanizing.  For many people being tied to a bed is a sexual fantacy.  It
would seem like that would enhance thet need or want to masurbate.  The next
point that I had difficulty following was that it was said that the person
overcoming masurbation should meet with his priesthood leader; but then at the
end of the article it was said, "KEEP THE PROBLEM OUT OF YOUR MIND BY NOT
IT OUT of your mind!"  That comes across very confusing to your reader, it
seems very hypocritical.  If you could please address my concers it would be
greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for your time.  I hope to hear back
from you.  Please do not send me any information about joining your church. I
am happy with my current church that accepts me for who i am.


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Date: Friday, March 06, 1998 4:56 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,
I stumbled opon your publication, I know this is a view of the Morman
Church, and there are many things I do not agree on with their movement.

But tell young people not to masturbate is potentially dangerous,
I have know several youths brough into the morman faith, and all of them
had problems with their sexuality.
We are not like the other animals, we do not have sex for just
procreation. These puritan ideas are outdated and suicidal.
There are so many youths that kill themselves over these beliefs.
To allow them to masturbate will cause fewer problems  not more.
They are less likely to seek anonymous sex, and participate in other
unsafe acts.
I was mostly alarmed, when I read the information on your site, I was
angrey for all the torture and abuse your members have experienced.
I have been raised by two extreemly openminded people, I have never had
to feel guilty for anything.
I know I cannot ask you to stop believing, but please think about what I
am saying, think about what you are doing.
I have listened to you with an open mind, And I cannot understand any
relevance to refraining from this activity..

Thank you for Listening,
God Be With you in All forms,
Eric Lloyd

Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 10:02 PM
Subject: Masturbation article on the WWW

I need guidance and help.  I have a real problem with my body. 
Everytime my hedonistic father goes to a porn shop, he doesn't allow my
subserviant mom to enjoy his tingle warming exercises.
Well, the other day, I found a "dirty" magazine in my father's condom
drawer next to the bible.  I continuously stroked my two inch weiner
while flipping furiously through the stain ridden pages of sin.  My jizz
finally shot all over the picture of some big-breasted slut.  Rather
than wiping down the magazine, I just closed the pages and let the
magazine adhere it's cummy pages together.
My question is, should I go and by him a new one, or let the selfish
bastard confess to my sexually deprived mom of his sins?
The other day, I furiously masturbated on this girls ham sandwich.  I
wanted her to eat my mormon cum.  Should I be ashamed?

How do you expect these rules to be met when all mormon church officials
beat off every fucking night you cult member!  Go get laid you
procreating, sinful motherfuckers!  Maybe you wan't be so uptight
anymore and the rest of the world can get on with their lives.

Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 7:05 PM

To whom it may concern,

    I really don't understand why you condone masturbation so much.
Everyone, weather they admit it or not, has sexual frustration and
tension.  Your religion also teaches for young people to hold out and
not experiment with sex until they are older.  I think it is better to
get your tension out by yourself where there is no harm than with
another person who could get you pregnant or give you HIV.  Also, a good
way for you to know what you like is to first figure it out by
yourself.  Many women can not orgasm with a man, but only by
themselves.  Can you imagine a woman who has never had an orgasm?  She
would not know what she is missing out on.  A man who has never
masturbated would not be able to pleasure a woman for more than thirty
seconds.  I don't think it is a sin to have a good sex life.

I would appreciate hearing your input

Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 8:37 PM
Subject: This (how to stop masturbating) is bad.

I would like to see this poor, reformed person-who-once-masturbated five
years down the road after they have married (in the temple, mind you.)
I loved the comment about the worms- it's a great idea.  I can see this
person getting married, then totally turned off to the idea of sex
because every time they are aroused they think of bathing in a tubful of
worms.  This is not conducive to making this poor soul feel any better.
I noticed that you didn't, not once in this whole page, mention that God
still loves them, leaving them to believe that he probably doesn't, by
the way you position this "horrible sin."  People like this who feel
that they need to reform the world by crushing it's heart and soul ARE
ALSO GENOCIDAL, just like Hitler.

To: mormast <mormast>
Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 9:17 PM

i have to admit it, i just read your article and i am completely
appauled...i have mormon best friends and i NEVER would have thought of

i cannot believe that you are so high on yourselves that you actually teach
others like this...this is awful, and i am throughly DISGUSTED...i shall
think twice about the message of the gospel that mormons are trying to
teach...just what are you trying to teach anyway?  this is wrong...(what
you're teaching)...and untrue...by ignoring the so-called "problem", you
are in no way dealing with it...
this is not the way to teach others about masturbation...talk about
it...don't brainwash people with your ridiculous mormon babble talk...

give me a freakin' break!

-----Original Message-----
To: mormast <mormast>
Date: Tuesday, March 03, 1998 12:19 AM

I would like to thank you for your information on how to cope with an
addictive problem.  However the links on the page to sites which are
related to increasing not decreasing a masturbation problem are quite puzzling.

I followed the links, and immediately backed out.  I thought these might
somehow be a test and I was shocked to see that they were in fact links to
XXX rated internet sites.Thank God I was not at a weak point and the
temptations were not strong.

I would think that the LDS information site would not be in any way
connected to such filth on the web.  I would suggest that you investigate this

Thanks for listening,


-----Original Message-----
From: crowe 
Subject: Thank you

I am grateful that I found this site, because it is the first place

where I found healthy information on masturbation.  I found the steps
very insightful and I can see how they could be effective in overcoming
other problems as well as masturbation.  I am a 16 year old mormon girl
and I am doing a research paper on masturbation and trying to prove that
it is indeed a bad habit that needs to be overcome and not justified as
"natural" in order to erase guilty feelings.  If you have any more
useful info. that could support my paper please write to me at

Thank you again!

To: mormast <mormast>
Date: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 6:22 AM

I read with discuss and insult your web sight.
You do not understand that some women have no
sexual satisfaction in this area and along with
their mate could experience great joy and
satisfaction.  If mutual masturbation were given
along with intercourse and if you are the type of
cult that says women should not experience joy in
sex no wonder I have such discuss for up tight
people such as your self.

From: Theodore K. Nitterhouse, Jr.
Date: Sunday, April 05, 1998 2:18 PM
Subject: this is the sickest garbage I have ever read

You forgot to mention the traditional mormon way of overcoming
masturbartion, practice poligamy and you'll be so busy screwing all your
wives, you'll never need to masturbate, and you'll make "jesus" proud!!!

Masturbation RULES!!

To: mormast <mormast>
Date: Saturday, May 30, 1998 9:29 AM
Subject: Overcoming Masturbation

I masturbate and now have decided to stop.  Your guide to overcoming
sounds like I could stop masturabting.  I would like to thank the maker
of this guide, because I feel I can stop masturbating. 


To: mormast
Date: Wednesday, April 08
Subject: females too

what about the subject of female masturbation. Women in the church masturbate
too. The church needs to be up to date on the realities og masturbation. It is
a god given right to be able to know your own body and to touch yourself.
It is wrong to place judgement on this activity. The whole article is
offensive I am ashamed to be called a member of the church after reading this.

From: Margie
To: 'mormast'
Date: Monday, April 20


Dear Whoever it is that wrote this article,

There is a great deal of misinformation in this publication reguarding the male reproductive system- specifically the production of sperm and the body's need to keep up with masturbation's demand. You are either lying or completely ignorant when stating that masturbation causes physical harm on any level. That simply is not true. Furthermore, of course there is no information on what to do if you are a young female who loves to masturbate and "needs help". This is directed to the only ones who are important; the BOYS. I would be interested to see what credible evidence you have to verify that there may be any side effects to masturbation on either gender side- other than the religion's finger-shaking.

The emotional problems that stem from masturbation are tied to the cultural stigmas and the guilt caused when a person FEELS he is doing something wrong. Once you decide that it is actually natural and not sinful, masturbation can actually be very gratifying and not necessarily a solo event.
Mammals in nature masturbate. Infants also masturbate. Women frequently require clitoral stimulation (masturbation) in order to enjoy marital sex merely because of the location of the clitoris. Do you even knoe what a clitoris is, or is that something they don't want young ladies to know about? It's sole purpose is pleasure, unlike the male anatomy. To believe and distribute dangerously stupid information about masturbation is irresponsible and reprehensible considering all the young minds you may be polluting with this laughable site.

To be honest, I suspect that maybe this site is some kind of farsical joke poking fun at the puritanical views of Mormons. I grew up in this Church and remember being told this kind of crap. I didn't buy into this mind control then and I wish others were smart enough not to either. When I read articles like this, I am glad that I can laugh at them now that I have escaped the suffocating box you must live in.

 >>Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 12:51 AM
>>Subject: "I need help"

>>I have finally made a decision to stop masturbating.  It has literally
>>taken over my life and ruined it.  I have no control over it.  Reading
>>your suggestions and steps to overcome this problem has given me
>>effective insights which I could use in my own life.  I still feel there
>>is more to the problem.  I'm asking if you could help redirect me from
>>this sinful path.  Pls., write back and let me know what I can do.  I
>>admire your site, because of it's religious point of views towards the
>>problem.  I use to feel like, I was the only one with masturbation
>>abuse.  I understand that knowledge is the best tool in overcoming any
>>obstacle.  Pls. help me gain it!!!  Thanks....hope to hear from you real

> ------------------A REPLY------------------------
> Quit worrying about pulling your meat.  It's actually good for you, enjoy
> it, for Christ's sake!

------------------A 2nd OPINION-------------------
Ha!  That's a hoot.  I shouldn't laugh though.  I really feel sorry for all
the people out there like this.  Madalyn was right -- Religion really is the
greatest source of pointless suffering bar none.

By coincidence I was recently doing a little research on this topic and
came up with this:


[...]  All that guilt created by the churches is just a marketing
gimmick anyway, to create a greater demand for "forgiveness of sins".
People who fall for it are just suckers.  Masturbation is medically harmless
and a great way to avoid the perils of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
Clinton's original atty general  [Surgeon General --Ed.] (I forget her name)
was right -- they should teach masturbation in the schools. [...]

-----Original Message-----
Date: Tuesday, December 08, 1998 5:43 AM
Subject: Hello!

Hello cock-sucking son of a bitch!
People have their own right to choose if they want to masturbate or not. Some gay-motherfucker like you should not tell them what to do or not! I masturbate more times a day and it's DELICIOUS! What a sorry-ass live you must have! I feel sorry for you! People like you disgust me!

-Wank e. nough

-----Original Message-----
Date: Wednesday, October 21

You're the stupidist fuckin retard I have ever seen, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, and there is no such thing as god. your a brain washed fuck up

Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999

Masturbation is perfectly ok according to the Bible as far as I see it
written. The only thing I have read about anti-masturbation scripture is not
to use others strictly for pleasure and then withdraw the penis before
ejaculation to "spill the seed onto the ground." There is nothing wrong with
masturbation at all except what some people think about while they are doing
it. Once should concentrate on the sensation of ones own body only and not
think about adulterous sexual activity.
     In fact, I read in a medical book that regular masturbation helps prevent
prostate cancer [in sector 2813 (ed.)] in men.  I have been masturbating since I 
was 12 and am 24now.  I respect the mormon religion but I think masturbation
gives men ahealthier sex life and drive.  I enjoy being male and don't plan to quit
masturbating anytime soon.  If I pray about it and I think to my self "what
would I do if I were God?"  I think I would continue masturbating about once a
day.  God gave us the capability to do it and I think he wants us to love our

----- Original Message -----

To: <mormast>
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 1999
Subject: masturbation today.


 i am a member of the Mormon church, male, and i've been known to masturbate
 from time to time.  I've been "trying" to stop for the last 3 years, but I
 just keep doing it anyway.  It's not like I do it all the time, because I
 don't--that'd just be dumb to do it every single day.  I believe a man's
 list of hobbies should not include his penis, because that'd just be
 pathetic.  I suppose sex could be on that list, though.  But I digress.
 I've always kinda thought it's a healthy thing to do (not that it's the
 reason i do it).  I read all of the other e-mails that have been sent to
 this site, and I've been trying to figure out if masturbation--or lack of
 masturbation/sex--is healthy or not.  I read the email about how the lack of
 it could cause prostate troubles later in life.  Now I'm sure I speak for
 the entire male community when I say that things like prostate troubles and
 not being about to sexually perform later in life scares the living hell out
 of me!!!!  I, like a great many other LDS (mormon) folks, have decided not
 to have sex until I can do it with the (lucky) lady I've married.  That
 won't be for at least another 4 years, because after I turn 19 in another
 year, I'm leaving on a Mormon mission.  That'll last 2 years, maybe a few
 months more.  From what I've gathered and assumed from LDS teachings, it's
 not proper to masturbate--especially on missions.  So I sez to myself, "hey,
 maybe I'd better slow down and cut it out now", so that I'd be rid of it by
 the time my mission rolls around.  But the very idea of becoming impotent
 frightens the crapola out of me.  I used to ride my bike all the time, until
 i learned about how that could pinch some blood vessel that goes to your
 penis.  Yipes!
 Anyway, In the same email as the one with the info about the prostate
 troubles, the guy mentioned that mammals in the wild masturbate, too.  I've
 got no arguments with that (I saw my hamster do it once--that was really
 weird!)  But animals don't really have a concept of self-control, and humans
 do--that's one of the many things that separates our species.  But what
 humans seek is a reason to practice self-control.  I've been told not to
 masturbate, but why why why?  feel free to answer me.
 I've also heard that masturbating could cause weirdness once in marriage. 
 But many people who wrote emails to this site said that it would do the
 opposite.  In a way that makes sense.  I once heard a statistic that mormons
 are the most sexually frustrated people in the world.  Nobody wants to be
 sexually frustrated.
 To the maker of this site, and other LDS folks reading: It says in the "for
 the strength of youth" packet that God strictly forbids masturbation. 
 That's a pretty good reason for mormons to quit slapping it around, but
 exactly how serious is this thing?  Because I really don't know.
 Also, I'd like to point out that it's kinda ridiculous to wear a bunch of
 pajamas to avoid masturbating.  If you make a decision to do "the deed",
 you're gonna do it whether you're wearing lots of clothes or not.  And it
 was also rude of the makers of this site not to address the problems women
 may have with auto-erotisism.
 And what's even worse than masturbation is pornography.  porn is quite the
 alienating thing.  like someone's email in this section pointed out, it can
 destroy families and give people twisted images of what other people act
 like.  My best friend's uncle ruined his life because he was addicted to
 porn and his family didn't like it, etc.  Say no to porn, dude.  Don't get
 hooked, or else you'll see someone and you'll wonder what it'd be like to be
 in an orgy with him/her.
 God was right about the alchohol and tobacco.  He's most likely right about
 this.  I'm just sorry there's no scientific or logical explaination in his
, like there is for drugs.
 I think I've said everything I've wanted to say.  Thanks for creating this
 site, it gives people who don't like having a dirty little habit some hope
 for the future.
 If anyone wants to email me, maybe agree with me, or disagree, or give me
 information, or insult me for my beliefs, you can reach me at [...]
 (feel free to post this in that email section on the website, so that anyone
 can read it.  that'd be dandy)

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, August 01, 1999
To: Mastur_Philes
Subject: masturbation web site

I am 51 and am one of those people who love God and also WANK....you and your sort almost destroyed my self esteem for forty years.

Your religion has nothing to do with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, your profit is a false profit with his magic spectacles who read the Laws of God given to him. You are one of those "last day religions" we are warned of in the bible....the REAL bible, and as God says.."By their fruits you will know them"..yes you are peddling lies,danger and deceit, and your fruits will noy get your crew nor anyone else who follows you to heaven.

You teach a religion of fear, that after Jesus has saved you it is still possible to lose your salvation...making God a liar...you believe that you must do Good Works to earn heaven, making the message of the Gospel also a liar...for the amazing Grace we sing about it FULL AND FREE REDEMPTION...and not by following Jospeh Brown.....but by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ...then your saved and noone can take that away for you are Saved from Yesterdays, Todays and Tommorrows Sin according to the good news of the Gospel, then you can get baptised to show the world you love God.

All this earthly crap about masturbation, not eating certain things, judging Holy days are all stuff that Jesus has done away with.......I can wank and still go to heaven,,,and gues what Crackpot deceivers? I do wank!

You are the Great Deceivers along with Jahovas Wittnesses, Moonies and the rest

BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND YOU WILL BE SAVED  you dont have to do...OR NOT DO anything else....The Gospel cannot be clearer....and all this purification crap is designed by Satan to make people believe that to be a Christian you have to be celibate.......................Utter rubbish,,,,,,,,PLEASE EVERYONE DONT THINK THAT THIS RUBBISH IS GODS WORD FOR IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT..NOT NOT! ! ! ! ! !

From Colin in England 1st Aug 1999

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 12:10 AM
To: mormast
Subject: overcoming...

to whom it may concern, 

i am working on overcoming masturbation myself and one night (namely: 
tonight) i found myself at such a low that i decided to try to find help from 
some sort of online literature. thanks for having something, anything that 
has suggestions on the problem. i am roman Catholic, not Mormon, but still 
the same values are there and i appreciate the fact that you are willing to 
help tackle the problem. however, the "jive version" is NOT how people 
nowadays talk. as a matter of fact, it's tough to read. i should know, as 
i'm 16 years old. it comes off as being a bunch of old conservatives trying 
to sound "with it" and if someone my age reads it, they're likely to feel 
alienated by the misinterperetation of our culture. you might want to try a 
re-write or just taking it offline. of course, i'm a little more rhetoric 
than others my age but i'm capable of talking just like most other people. 
anyway, that's all irrelevant. although some of your suggestions are a 
little too extreme for me, i thank you for trying to help people like me. 
now if only i could have the strength to stop for good. but i'll try. 
thanks. later.


Sent: Sunday, August 22, 1999 
To: Mastur_Philes
Subject: Regarding 'Overcoming Masterbation'

Dear Writers:

My girlfriend has posed to me the challenge of not masterbating while I am away on business trips - which are mostly no shorter than 5 days long.

I have also grown up (Im now 24) a Christian, who firmly beleives that Jesus Christ died and rose again that we might have eternal life. Therefore I have also known that masterbation is frowned upon by the church. I now attend a Baptist Church. My previous church was non-denominational, but was very close to my current (conservative) Baptist Church in terms of Doctrinal Beliefs. 

I started masterbating at the age of about 14 or so. The pattern was fairly regula of say 2 times a week or so. Sometimes less - and not at all - sometimes more - but definitely in existence - either way.

Now that I have re-examining my own life - as a Christian - as well as pursuit to meet the wishes of my girlfriend - I am attempting to reduce and who knows - if possible eliminate masterbation. I have had nothing but trouble. I can definitely tell I am more stressed, irratable - and I even think that my complexion is worse (which is based on a fable Ive heard that Masterbating helps keep you acne to a low.)

On the other hand - I have also read many scientific reports stating that masterbating is actually good for the body - since it lowers the likely hood of prostrate cancer - because it is not stagnant - but rather is being produced and sent through the system. 

I also beleive that masterbation increases endurance - which ultimately pleasures the partner longer and to a better climax. 

I admit that my thoughts during masterbation are certainly not pure thoughts. But I struggle with this because I do not find a verse in the bible to support 'no masterbating'. As for pornography and tastless erotica sites - they are definitely a stumbling block. And that is why I think that I lean slightly in one direction - Masterbation CAN be bad, but doesn't have to be - if controlled. Just like anything else - it does not cause problems if taken in moderation. I know of a case in which the husband was spending numerous numerous hours in the basement surfing all the porno that he could. It became more than just fun - and more thanjust a hobby. It took over him. He used all his free time to do this. He completely ignored his wife - both her sexual needs as well as her emotional needs. Basically, masterbation - for them, almost caused the break up of an entire family. 

That is my comment on your ariticle. I will not remark on any of your specific reccommendations, I will say however you make some very serious statements - specifically the discontinued friendship of others with the same problem. I believe that is not Christ Like. Christ spent ALL of his time with sinners - and people who had REAL, much more legitimate obstacles to overcome. And although I realize that your article is NOT Mormon Doctrine, nor should it be accepted as anything other than one person's opinion about masterbating - I will indeed hold the writer accountable and let my previous example be yet another hypocracy within the Mormon/Latter Day Saints Religion. 

I must add, in closing, that I do appreciate the effort put forth to help those who have a PROBLEM with masterbation, especially those who take it to an extreme. I beleive that SOME of your reccommendations may indeed prove useful.

Please add this to your readers comments section. 


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To: Mastur_Philes
Subject: RE: Mormon

Please post this to your "readers' comments" section, but I strongly suspect
that you won't, because you don't want anyone to hear what I have to say...

The part that truly amazes me the most is that ANYONE reading this site
could actually believe that this site is even sponsored by an LDS person,
let alone ENDORSED by the LDS church! This is the most obvious smear
campaign I have ever seen on any topic. It is set up by someone who knows
quite a bit about the religion (most likely a former member who had to leave
or bitter terms). It has enough "fact" to it to make it believable to
someone who doesn't know much about the LDS religion, and then exploits the
misconceptions that already exists about the religion. Anyone who posted to
this site thinking it had ANYTHING to do with the LDS religion should be
ashamed of themselves for being so gullible. Use your heads, people!


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Subject: message from a muslim

I Have just rad the whole page and i was amazed to see the similarities between Islam and the Mormon faith.
Masturbation is considered a bad habit in islam too, and it is tought to us that it can also damage the persons health. Unfortunately I also induldge in this bad habit and am desperately trying to get rid of it. I will try to use the tips given in the book, of course being a Muslim I will not read the Bible but the Quran .

May God almighty

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Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000
Subject: masturbation

i am a 22 years old man that chose chastity. i refuse masturbation and
to help myself, i wear snow bibspants to sleep during the nigth. like
that, this is easy and comfortable!


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Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2000 4:07 PM
To: INFO@nowscape.com
Subject: Thank-God for Sanity-


I was a drunken adulterer and frequent masturbator until one day, in the
County Drunk Tank in Evanston Wyoming, I was approached by two LDS
missionaries who said they could change my life...of course I
scoffed...but I chose (being very bored at the time) to listen to them;
eventually I realized that their message of hope, forgiveness and of a
new life was too powerful for me to ignore.

I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and those two hot, wet, tight
Provo-county nympho-sluts as my personal fuck-dolls...and baby, we're
still working on demolishing the 10 Commandments...I even let my Bishop
give me head after he watched me lick and penetrate those two
ex-missionaries, although he reeks of whiskey and tobacco...two sinful
substances I abhor. Those are the two hottest women I have ever met...no
wonder you Bishops try to keep them all to yourselves...if they aren't
licking and sucking me they are all over each other! YOWZOW! You all
got a great little religion going, there, dudes...just don't expect me
to tithe anytime soon....

When is the Church Hierarchy gonna become more democratic and admit that
they like to suck and f*ck, as much as anybody else, and that they are
every bit as sinful as we wicked we? It would also be nice of them to
admit to their fraudulent directives, the fact that they treat
minorities like second-class citizens and their women like chattel
property...but I expect that would be like getting The Taliban to admit
they had made a few, relatively insignificant, doctrinal errors in
interpretation of the Koran...HMMM?

Most Mormons I have met are decent and good people...it's the leadership
that is sinful, wicked, corrupt and a bunch of lying bastards (they
obviously took instruction from The Vatican)...

I just wish people weren't so weak and insecure that they fell for this
obvious bullsh*t.

Can I go now? I've spent all my spleen and need to go, lie down naked
in my bed and *refresh* myself.

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Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2000 7:08 PM
To: INFO@nowscape.com

Dear sir/madam/ladyboy
How dare you denegrate our great british traditions with this preposterous 
codswallop, you hypocritical bunch of inbred rednecks. The British empire 
was founded on great traditions handed on from generation to generation, 
such as the soggy biscuit game, and were not about to give it all up to 
marry both our sisters and live in a shed with a cross on top.
Throughout the realm of Britain, and the colonies the soggy biscuit (or 
cookie as you call it) is at the hub of all that goes on in the most highly 
regarded schools and colleges of all the world. After dark, the pupils 
gather in the boarding school dormitories and in the tradition handed from 
father to son, play the soggy biscuit game.
In this wonderful tradition, a biscuit is placed upon the floor and all the 
boys gather round it and with great bravado and hilarity, masturbate 
frantically, icing the biscuit with a veritable mountain of trouser vomit. 
The last boy to ejaculate must then take up the biscuit, and consume it - 
consume it with dignity and pride in the great great traditions of his past. 
And you want to stop such acts to destroy our culture and heritage, I am 
appauled at your barbarity.
And this, when the youth of Britain is being corrupted. The largest 
supermarket in Britain is owned by mormons, and it sells alcohol to infants, 
promotes smoking in children, and the sale of pornography, as well as the 
destruction of local businesses, and the biggest price fixing operation in 
western europe.
All I can hope is that the next time God is jerking off in your 
neighbourhood 5000 gallons of his celestial glow in the dark love jelly 
swamp your homes and make them smell of french brie for time eternal

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Sent: Friday, June 30, 2000
To: INFO@nowscape.com
Subject: Stop The Justification Of Sin

It is truly sad to see the wicked preverted ideals
of todays generations. To magnify themselves in their own
sexual sin and claim it relieves the tension in their
lives so it must be good. Are we animals that have
no mind or self control? No we are not. We are
here to gain self control over our bodies not 
sucumb to our own pleasures. Many who have posted
messages are confused. They can not differenciate
happiness and pleasure. "A clear understanding about
the nature of happiness and life is so vital, yet 
often so lacking. Confusing pleasure with 
happiness is like confusing a poisonous toadstool
with an edible mushroom; it can be fatal."
-Neal A. Maxwell
It is often proclaimed that such acts of self
sexual pleasure are to gain presexual experience
for marriage. But this is a lie. I have been in
the depths of such sin and seen the resulting
factors. It only results in greedy sick ways
of meeting your own pleasures and needs with whatever
means possible. Continue to dwell in such acts
and you are blinding your own eyes of the beauty of
the world. As for myself- I will not partake in such
acts and feel self righteous about it because
wickedness never was happiness. 


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Sent: Thursday, July 20
Subject: Mormon masturbation

This is not the first time I've written you a
fan letter, though I don't recall if I ever 
did from this address.

Of course, I read the "Mormon masturbation" thing
the first time I visited your site some years ago,
but I didn't feel particularly called to comment
on it at that time.

I do now.

The Mayor and City Council are stepping into 
the ring with the Provo Masturbation Club...

A masturbation *club* !!!???

Isn't that contrary to the spirit of it being
the *solitary* vice?

Inquiring minds want to know.

====== reply =========
This was an article about the Provo Boxing club. I substituted masturbation for boxing. It makes quite a difference, eh?

Thank you for looking at my website again!


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Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2000 3:13 PM
To: INFO@nowscape.com
Subject: gizum

i praise you because you say that masterbation is wrong... iam a muslim and im convinced that our way of life in follwing islam is the truth! masterbation is a cursed act ...it can lead to such diseases like testicular torrision..or if you frequently masterbate it will eventually lead to an immune respose from the actual penis to ejaculate... the penis gets loose and it very difficult and painfull to acurise orgasims and full ejaculation.. in some cases your testical or ovaries get infected due to uncleanliness leavinng the testical sore and black and eventually it has to be removed.. ive had 2 friends that used to masterbate very often maybe 3 times a day ..one of the has a testical missing and the other is divored in two marriages because he cant have no kids! so id advise anyone who masterbates to stop and get married and have some sex its much more better i suppose. and anyone how ingnroes this message is sad and desperate and truth be it " you cant get none! can you?!" .............but i will aslo state that mormonism is a sack of shiiit! anyone how follws this is surley blindand their levels of precetion cohabit with their IQ which = about 30%... normal human above 58% nowadays.....anyway thanks for reading and wasting your time (readers) not that its valuable or anything your probably going to go and jerk off now i suppose its the highlight of your day!

I am a young girl from a place in South East Asia.At first,I don't know how I started to do this.I was very young, extremely young.I don't know when. I am 15 and I am too, very, extremely young for me to think about sex. But, it's too late.I first learned to have a pillow ride, then using my hand. I feel that this is very bad habit. I wish to quit doing it, but i have a little faith.At first, I don't know that this thing exist in this wolrd. But, when I chatted in the net. A man asked me, "do you masturbate"
i ask him, what is the meaning of that,and explain.Gosh! when i got to know this!!I fell completely lost!!Also, I have gone secretively into the nude homepage,saving those bad pictures up in my disc.
I don't know. I am just feeling very hot-tempered, stress and day by day i did this i feel that my results are getting worse even i studied hard. Maybe this habit will effect my brain.
I am having my big test this year that means a lot to me. If masturabation effect my brain, i will stop doing this.
I hope as a holy christian, I wish to be a loyal lamb not a hypocrite,going to church saying,I love you God but didn't mean anything. I hope that this will help me. I will try other tips such as wearing the holy rosary, read more catholic books, going for penance or comfirmation,more often to holy communion and confession.
I hope that I can quit this and lead a happy life. To those who wanted to quit, let's pray for each other that we can quit, reciting the holy rosary daily and holy mass daily.

Yours sincerely
Amy (Malaysia)

From: Sarah
Sent: Tuesday, August 29
To: INFO@nowscape.com
Subject: For Christ, For Heavenly Father, For Me!

Just as many people in this I too have become a slave to the evil temptations Satan has put into my mind. I am so very thankful that I have been strong enough and starteed my repentence to this. Yes I am LDS...I have masturbated...Its something I'm completely disgusted about. I will not do that anymore...Its NOT natural...and it CAN really mess with your reproductive organs. I know that Heavenly Father and Christ have forgiven me...I am so very thankful for that. My stress level and guilt level is so much lower now. I still struggle with keeping my mind on things of purity...but I am determined! I will serve faithfully on my mission. I hope that anyone who reads this will PLEASE take this to heart and have faith in the Lord....HE CAN HEAL YOU! HE LOVES YOU SO VERY DEARLY! He has healed me...and I know that He loves me! Just emerse yourself in the spirit...if ever you get the urge...pull out your scriptures and read, play or sing some hymns...anything...take these suggestions in this document to heart...they work! 

May God Bless You Now and Always,


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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000
To: INFO@nowscape.com

IT is probably a good thing that this site exists. If one feels guilty about masturbation (and i will not judge whether he ought to or not) then he needs to be able to find a way to "kick the habit. HOWEVER, some of the things printed border on the absurd. Imagining eating worms? That's bound to result in sexually disorders that will prevent procreation when an individual is married. And the information on how the male reproductive organs work has only the slightest foundation in science. If you want to encourage abstinence from masturbation, that's fine. If you want to help people to stop masturbation, that's fine. But please, don't try to pass off things that you have fabricated as biological fact.

This is a very clever site... it really pissed me off and I thought,
"This has got to be a joke." To my great delight and amusement, it is
one of the best I've seen in ages. Gotta love the internet... those
search engines bring us to the most interesting pages.

You clever, clever people.... I hope you all masturbate every chance you

Ha ha ha ha ha! That's really funny! The Jive Version killed me! I hope 
that you don't get into trouble with the Mormon Church for this because it's 
freaking hilarious!
Keep up the good work.

IT IS REALLY BAD BECAUSE I THING I Am going to be a gay...i have had no
experience yet about having homosextual intercourses!!

Anyway i feel terribly sick...it is really fucking,really
I write to u cuz i know u r good people..i am telling u the thing i have

told nobody..I just NEED some help...what ever i have done hasn't worked
I am not a MORMON!,Anyway please Helllllpppppppp me,i am tired


hello, friend.

your site is a great inspiration to me during these difficult times in my home. i am a single mother and have two teenage boys who need much guidance in controlling their libido, as i cannot even leave them alone for a few minutes. the inspiration from your site has helped the situation improve slightly, even if only for a short while now.

the other day i was going through their internet history and found that they have been visiting a site called CHRISTIANBURNER (www.christianburner.com). christianburner promotes masturbation, pleasure, and general hatred for anything christian. so i went through their room and found pornography, baphomet patches, and christianburner.com stickers.

i am just about fed up with this internet thing and i seriously want to protest that horrific site somehow as it has made my life incredibly difficult. i work all day to come home to the ruins that satan has left for me. sometimes i just break down and cry out of frustration, i just feel so helpless sometimes.

i actually found your site on the links page of the christianburner site, and after reading the content, it has helped me understand the boys more, enabled me to counsel them appropriately, and give them the guidance they need (at least concerning their libido, but it is a start). thank you for making this a little easier.

love and light,

Sent: Tuesday,       January 02, 2001
To: INFO@nowscape. com
Subject: Question

Hello. My name is [...]. I'm 13 years old. I have a question. 
Today morning,      my mother taught me about females masturbation. I was surprised 
about it. I thought,      masturbation is only man. But that was mistake. My mother 
did masturbate in front of me. I could see her vigima,      
her clitoris and her nipple. She massaged her nipple and clitoris. 
And she increased viberator in her vigina. She said 
Uuh--------!Oau--------!Aa!Aa!Aa-------!She got wet. She wiped her vagina. I 
think,      she felt so good. After that, she said "your turn". I said" I can't do 
it". So she took off my cloths and underwear. She massaged my nipple and 
It was so nice. And she increased viberator in my vagina. It was so nice 
too. But I didn't gasp. I got wet too. She wiped my vagina. I want to do 
masturbate by myself. But she forgot tell me how do I do masturbate. She said 
you should use bath tub or shower. But I don't know how do I use it when I do 

Could you tell me
How do I do masturbate?
How do you do masturbate?
How do I use shower or bath tub when I do masturbate?
How many times female do masturbate a week?
Should I use viberator?
Where should I do masturbate?
When should I do masturbate?
Is this incest?

Subject: Mormonal Masturbation

Thinking of lying in a tubful of squirmy worms, and
eating some of them, is only going to further excite
the closeted, latently gay Mormon boys.
Fortunately there is a promised outlet later in life, when
they can volunteer to be a priesthood leader and listen
eagerly to the "essential report programs" of younger
Tying one's hand to the bed may lead to the delicious
perversion of erotic self-denial. Such a Mormon might
be lucky enough to someday marry a woman who wears a
sacred black patent leather undergarment. She will tie his
hands again, spank him, make him pleasure her, and he'll
never be allowed to touch his dirty bad self, and he will love it,
thanks to this handy early training.
As for toileting with the door open and immediately rushing
out to be with a family member...ick. Not even going there.
Though it is a hell of an opportunity for younger brothers to get
a good look at their big sisters, all lathered up in the nippley cool
If caught, they can always say that they were just being outgoing and
friendly, forcing themselves to be with others and to learn to enjoy
working and talking with them. Works for Dads too.

Whoever it was who said that only humans and dolphins
masturbate has never been to the monkey house at the zoo.

Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001

Anyone who reads this crap and believe that it is from the LDS church
should have their heads examined. This site was obviously designed by
some one or some group of people that wants to defame the LDS religion.
The articles completely misrepresent the churches stance on this issue. I
am a LDS member and served a mission and if you talk with any member of
the church or missionaries you will find that this is a gross
misrepresentation designed solely to piss people off. And it works I
see. It makes me upset as well that the author of this wrote such trash
and then leads people to believe that is an LDS official stance. People
completely bogus and you should not believe that the LDS faith would
write such garbage. This is a scam.....DON'T BUY THIS SCAM! 

Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2001 8:17 PM

Subject: My opinion.
This is the funniest website I've read in a long time, thanks for the laugh!!


p.s. I am touching myself thinking about your pure untampered penis right now.

Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 

my god.

yes, my god. not yours, mine only.

this is so fucking funny.

the 'jive' version would have to be my favourite. and the letter from the girl who actually prayed for strength of spirit so she could attack you even though this site is so obviously a joke.

what i would really like to know is, however, where did you get this list of ideas from? is it from an actual mormon site or what? i laughed myself silly at the 'tying your hands to the bedpost' point....like putting yourself in an obvious, bondage situation is going to stop you from thinking about sex. damn, i can't begin to imagine how frustrated and repressed all those mormons are when they don't even know the flavour of their own bodies. what a sad life to lead.

well, here's to good masturbating and knowing one's own body so we can wear condoms and have loud, screaming sex til the wee hours of the morning.

yours humoursly,


Hi, krista
It's a REAL document, circulated at Brigham Young University, the Mormon "university" in Provo, Utah. I didn't make it up. Well, I did run the document thru the translator to make it more accessible to those who speak only "Ebonics". And I did do the nose...

I wonder how you came upon my web page. Really... I often wonder how people find it. Some won't admit they are interested in masturbation, claiming they came upon it by accident. I have some 'mormonism explained' web pages also, if you haven't seen them already. They are at http://nowscape.com/mormons1.htm .

And tell me... are you a girl, krista?

Best to you,

 Saturday, May 12, 2001
 Evil Thoughts

I think your article on masturbation is very helpful. It made me realize how 
evil I really am for wanting to play with my evil self. The urge continues 
to be so strong that the only way I can purge myself of this is 
self-ignition. Ba-Bye.

From: Terri
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001
To: Mastur_Philes@nowscape.com
Subject: wonderful religion
Hello there. I would just like to say that this is the winner for sites that have pissed me off. Mormonism has always bugged me, but this is insane! I can't believe you people actually think that masturbation is "unhealthy" and it leads to sin... you're unhealthy if you DON'T masturbate! This bull reminds me why I don't associate with you people! When you people can tell me you've had a little chat with God himself and he said "now you go tell all these naughty people that masturbation is sinful" then write a document... Why did you waste my precious webspace on this shit? ~Traci

From: rick
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2001
To: INFO@nowscape.com

Maybe you guys should masturbate more and procreate less-I would really appreciate some self control in this realm. Are there not too many Mormons already?!?!?

I'm very happy to know this site is all a joke
Those people, thanking those barbar, absurd advises to stop a normal act, are truly pathetic in my opinion. How can you give up personal freedom to obey some vague and imaginary constraints set by power-hungry organization, such as religions? How could you ever wish to be in a jail?
The people disapproving masturbation obviously don't know much about science. It is better to relieve your sexual needs and tensions this way, by yourself, than whine and feel guilty for just thinking of it. We ARE animals, get over those pretentious thoughts that we're so superior to the other species because we have a hint of consciousness. Of course, it's sure that if you do it while being ashamed and convinced it's bad, you won't get much pleasure from it. You'd be surprised how exterior repression can have many effect on one self!
Hey, all of you, worried masturbators... What if you acted for yourself and upon you OWN moral, instead of following the dire of something that claims to be so superior to your own ideas? What if you tried to be objective? And dare to do a totally personal, free decision?
I know i shouldn't judge this... But religious people must be the saddest, or clueless around. I , for one, wouldn't trade my freedom for mythical protection. It's amazing how in our times, outdated concepts that has been proved inaccurate several times are still surviving...
And if I weres the mother of those two young boys... I'd let them free to choose their own beliefs. It's unfair to force your convictions on them, ma'am. And maybe you should try to gather some information of the "other side".
oh well... i got carried on, as usual,
feel free to reply,

hers my question to all you holier then though people. is masterbation and sex is sooooooooo ba then why in teh word did god give women a clitoris and why did he give us this whole idea of orgasam becasue if you havent read it isnt a nessesity to HAVE and orgasam to have a child. a women can get pregnant without havig an orgasam and a man can ejaculate without having a orgasam. so if god soent comdone slef pleasure of sex beofer merrage then why in the world did he make it feel so great???????? answer me that cuz id really like to know. and just to answer your question i found your site when i serched for the word "mastrbation" at yahoo.com. when i saw your site and what it was about i though "WOW HOT INCREDIBLIE INSANE IS THAT" so i just had to come and look. and WOW you people are just nuts! for your info i go belive in god and i have read the Bible and who are you people to say what God dose and dose not condone? have you talked to him? has he come up to you and said "i think masturbation is bad" if he has tell me cuz i have a few question id like to ask him. you people need to calm down and embrace god not fear him!

      We have seen these articles about masturbation from the LDS Church and
are trying to find a hard copy of the original - this one  sounds like
someone  pulled a Hoax..as this as it is so outlandish.. I realize it is
possible, but have never  seen the original publication or where it
originated. Some say it is from Peterson or Packer.
Could you help me with this?

Susie - ExMormon..who uses anything I can find daily to show how goofy the
Mormons can get...

Spirit's Light and Love Ever Shining

Awesome Website....I have been masturbating for about 3 years now and I've
decided to quit.  I have been wanting to quit ever since I've started...  
Through your program I know that I can quit.  I just wanna know if I need to
ask God for forgivness or God and my Bishop...  personally I think that I can
ask for forgivness by myself and I don't need the Bishop's help, but that's
what I need to know.  I know that when you masturbate you cannot feel the
spirit and it is taken away from you for some time...for me about a week.  I
love the holy ghost's chilling sensation, and to me it feels better than the
feelings while masturbating.  I want to quit so bad...  I just know that I
will do it again though.  I need help.  I have tried to quit before.  The
most I have gotten is about 2 months without masturbating and then I did it
again.  I would do anything to stop.  I would pay a million dallars just to
quit.  I feel bad just knowing that Jesus died on the cross for this aweful
sin I partake in and for this I am ashamed...   I hope you write me back....  
Thanks for your time...

I liked the website. I was chuckling at the response. People take themselves
way too seriously. What do you guys think GOD is? A bed-room monitor comes to
mind. If GOD created the universe that is now seen by science to be so large
that we haven't seen or heard of the end of it. Then doesn't it seem pretty
trivial to think he is all bent out of shape if you touch yourself or not. I
think the natural body functions are pretty universal. I think those who have
been happily married since their youth have a problem with others and are
very ego-centric in there judgments. This is a lot like contemplating your
navel while the more important aspects of life pass you by. Lighten up

oxoxoxox Barbara

This "Jive Version" is so offensive and juvenile. I found it hard to believe that such a racist text would be printed on such a serious subject. No such language or dialect exists. Was it supposed to be funny? If so, it is not.

You people are what is wrong with this world. A bunch of religious zealots who feel you have some "right" to tell the rest of humanity what is morally correct or wrong. Most of you self-righteous lot have more skeletons in your closet than the rest of us combined. As for your preaching, you can shove it. I have no time for such bull-shit. Enjoy your bodies folks and don't worry about it! At least you're not out there sodomizing little boys or knocking up your secretary like the "Reverent" Jessie Jackson!


I just finished up reading your article regarding masturbation, as well as the "replies to this message" page. I have to say that I am a tad dissapointed with not only the large quantity of completely ignorant and juvenile replies, but sadly, also with your apparent highlighting of spelling errors made in the replies. I noticed that spelling errors in replies that were in your favor were not boldfaced. That to me shows a lack of respect for the person writing - regardless of their level of intelligence, and smacks slightly of vengefulness. It is unnecessary.

I do not know much about your faith; only what I have picked up from your site and various other resources. I am a practicing Christian. I am curious as to the root of your stance on masturbation - the Bible does not specifically mention it; I was wondering if the Book of Mormon or other sacred texts of the Mormon faith did? Is that why you believe so strongly against it? I find that moderation is the key; any thing that becomes a crutch or obstacle in your relationship with God or others is destructive and should be curbed. That could be masturbation, but it could be also food, drink, and following rules as a way to fulfill your faith. God made our bodies to feel certain things, and I don't really think that he cares much about masturbation unless it is becoming an unhealthy obstruction in our spiritual life. I would say that any feelings of guilt derived from such activities are completely man made.

Thanks for the article, and for reading.

God bless,

first i'd like to say that i'm sure why you're trying
to destroy the church, but i can tell you that it
won't work!! at first i when i found the site i was
impressed that there was something dedicated to
helping people with a masturbation problem but when i
started to see some of the other things on your site,
i couldn't believe what i was seeing. i am a member
of the church and i'm just glad that i didn't end up
falling for your trap and i hope that other people are
smart enought not to as well. sincerely, alex

this is the worst mormon thing I have read, and goes a long way to furthering my views of american (not just mormon) religious fanaticism, im proud to say im a practicing mormon myself, but like all religions ive come into contact with, a certain amount of restraint is needed lest one become a nutter, im married, have been sealed in a temple and masturbate, both with (and for) my partner (does this classify as a sin, as it is part of a sexual act with ones partner but it is still wanking!) and alone. The repression of sex in the mormon church (and most religions not just christianity) does a lot to damage marriages, when a marriage is not operating fully on a sexual level, there are always other areas that suffer, which can lead to a marriage problems (i have witnessed -and am witness to this in more than one mormon marriage). i have often thought of writing a message concerning this to the first presadency of the church, and this may take me a step or closer to doing it. and as for suggestions in overcomming #7."Be outgoing and friendly. Force yourself to be with others and learn to enjoy working and talking with them. Use principles of developing friendships found in books such as How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie" i never lost my friends when i started to masturbate, and have gained and lost friends and alot of so called mormon friends, who seem less interested in helping me most of the time, than the friends i made in years before i was a mormon and am still in contact with( but maybe because i still see them thats i why still masturbate?) , #14, keep your bladder empty at night! im less horny when i have a full bladder! &15 spices etc, im guessing this person also thinks that oysters are a really effective aphrodesiac, and not a slimy yukky shelfish, also they seem the think masturbation only happens in bed, even when i started a never limited myself to only the bed, undercover of darkness, if you have any questions or comments, or want to stike me down with lightning, feel free to email me at ****@hotmail.com i would love to chat!

From: Alex
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002

He, he, this is fucking awesome! All those people taking your page seriously and arguing with you are dead funny but even funnier are those poor losers who believe in what you are saying. Ha, ha, I laugh at manís ignorance and stupidity.

Best wishes from

P.S. And the real Mormons are probably not very pleased either, he he.

Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002

You people are so stupid. I'm masturbating right now and it
feels very good. Why don't you become agnostics or atheists? It's
such a good faith (ha ha). I love myself and my body. And I thought
the Catholics were bad! We're not any better than the tabliban, are
we? If you mormon fucks ran this country, and there were no religious
freedom, I wonder to what our societ would be comparable. Perhaps it
would be like all of those god damned ragheads with their muddy faces
shoved in cow shit without the sand. Oh no, that's not politically
correct. But then again, you mormon fucks would be lining all of the
non-believers into concentration camps.

Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 5:39 PM

I have masturbate all my life.
I use to use pornography to get hot and enjoy, but I felt guilty.
I married and happy. I have gotten rid of all the pornography, but wen I can
not reach orgasm with my wife, I seventy (70), I do masturbate and fell no
guilt, I think is part of the sex in marriage.

Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 5:43 AM
Subject: masterbation

hey jack asses your masterbation beliefs are the stupidest bunch of garbage Ive ever heard what the hell is the matter with mormons. listen pal were not all fuckin robots without needs or feelings I hate people like you who think that natural things are bad or ungodly and yes it is natural doctors and science has told us so but I suppose that mormons are so stuck in the dark dark ages that you dont believe in science by the way are you the fuckers that dont allow your children medical attention please mail me back a reply I get all of you fucked up christian sects confused. God if there is one gave us our bodies and we seem to be able to enjoy them why would he make us this way if he didn't want us to. When i was younger i thought that masterbation was bad then I saw the light I was "saved" or at least my mind was. Where in the bible does it even mention this idiot who started the religion of mormon it doesnt doesnt it say jesus is our savior, look I dont want to seem like a bad guy here but I have known people who have killed themselves over crap like this.So with the risk of being unpopular will all you fanatical mormons do me a favor , go home jerk it then put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger Stop dilluting good descent people, be they christian or atheist WITH YOUR MORMAN FILTH.

You have discussed some wonderfl techniques for overcoming masturbation.
Anyone who follows them would definitely give up this stupid habit. Dont
worry about the stupid replies from these MASTURBATING MORONS. Let them
masturbate and feel proud of their habits. THEY ARE WEAK. THEY ARE LOSERS.
and definitely with no brains cause this habit has some serious side effects
on one's intellect level. You see ...... they cant even tolerate a simple
article on giving up masturbation. This shows how weak they all are.
Anyways .... good work. Keep it up.

From: Errege Jurenmendi [mailto:tei_kallistei@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 5:18 PM

boy are you people lame. what you preach is contradictory: you disapprove of masturbating, yet I presume you want people to procreate and spread as much as possible. Well then, masturbation improves the male's fertility, so why not let him masturbate. Do you think god will want to dwell in a body of frustration (caused by not masturbating).

We catholics gave up this crazy thought a long time ago. But oh well, I know this e-mail isn't going to change your people's minds, but I wanted to say it anyway.

Aslamualikum (Peace be upon u),

My name is Zahid from Pakistan. I want to share my problem with you. I was not aware by the side effects of my evil habit. Since when I knew, I am very worry about it. I am 28 years old. I have good health and memory as will as perfect outlook. I am suffering in a sexual problem (hand practice, masturbation) since last 16 years, and have been wasting my sperm average 2 time a day. It means I have wasted my matter about 6000 time in my last life. Have you ever handle the same case as me, if you have, what would its result? I am unmarried too, but I am going to marry in about next 2 months. Now I want to take nice suggestions by you, that can I become able to born child? Is there any problem or defectiveness have occurred inside me about child birthing? Can my wife (in future) will be pregnant by my? Please suggest me the proper and perfect way so that I can be able to born a child. Be sure there is no one but you for me after God. I will thankful to you.

Zahid Hussain, (Pakistan).